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General FAQs
Whether an introduction email, linkedin connection message, or a few ice breaker questions. How can we help?
What sets Aviatrix apart from other blockchain-based games?
Aviatrix is different to other crash games because you can own, customise and trade the aircraft you fly during the action, each one is also a unique NFT. The game is powered by the SCR blockchain, one of the most active public blockchains in the world.

With this web3 launch, Aviatrix taps into the hundreds of thousands of web2 players already enjoying the game. These players will pool liquidity with the web3 experience.
What will I spend in Aviatrix?
Are there in-game events or tournaments where players can participate?
How is progress tracked within the Aviatrix game?
Can players view their in-game assets on the blockchain, and how is ownership verified?
Which blockchain technology is Aviatrix built upon?
What is the Cosmos SDK?
What advantages does Aviatrix gain from being built on the Cosmos blockchain?
How does blockchain enhance the gaming experience?
What is Scorum Coin (SCR)?
When did the SCR crowdsale take place?
Are there plans for future public sales or token offerings related to Aviatrix?
How do I buy SCR?
Which wallet should I use for SCR?
How much are SCR transaction fees?
What is Scorum Power (SP)?
How does the conversion process from Scorum Coins (SCR) to Scorum Power (SP) tokens work, and what benefits does it offer?
What is a Non-Fungible Token (NFT)?
What are the advantages of NFTs in Aviatrix?
Are there plans to introduce new types of NFTs in future updates of Aviatrix?
How do I check the fairness of the game?
How does hashing proceed?
Why SHA-256?
Phase 01
  • Web 2.0 Launch
  • B2B integrations
Q1 2024
Phase 02
Early Access
  • Exclusive sneak peek for selected players
  • Player feedback collection for improvements
Q2 2024
Phase 03
Full Release & Live Ops System Implementation
  • Official game launch 
  • Enhanced freebets
  • Seasonal themed reskins for vibrant gameplay
Q3 2024
Phase 04
Live Ops System Expansion
  • Advanced local tournaments
  • Continuation of seasonal themed visuals
Q4 2024
Phase 05
Player Personalization
  • Introduction of achievements system.
  • Enhanced player profiles for a unique identity

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